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The Unchanging Society Essay, Research Paper

The Unchanging Society:The teen felt as if she had never experienced such a wondrous feeling. She had complete happiness and was willing to do anything for the man that she loved. After a few months of dating, she discovered that she was pregnant. The man whom she thought was indestructible had vanished from her life, leaving her with an innocent child in which to take care of and raise. “I have greatly wronged thee.” [sl04.html#g19] The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne is relevant to today’s teenage parents because it shows the difficulties of being a single mother, the possible humiliation from society, and that broken homes can still be successful. Raising a child alone can be difficult. By reading this novel, a teenager can see the obstacles that a single mother has to endure. “…Pearl would frown, and clench her little fists, and harden her small features into a stern, unsympathizing look of discontent.” [sl06.html#g05] A family can be more stable with two parents. Pearl shows that a fatherly influence can be vital, as she is confused about her father. An unwed mother can face the factors of supporting herself and her child. Hester was fortunate that she had the ability to sew; therefore, she was able to properly uphold her expenses. Often the emotion of loneliness can be present in the life of a single parent. Many hardships seem more difficult to handle with a single mother. Hester experienced the complications of being alone without many friendships or Dimmesdale to assist her. A teenage parent can receive humiliation from society. “Pearl was born outcast of the infant world.” [sl06.html#g06] This novel would be helpful to an adolescent with a child because she could see the possible treatment that she could experience. In The Scarlet Letter, Hester received the one of the lowest humiliations imaginable. She was ostracized and ridiculed by the society. A teenager would also be judged and looked upon for being irresponsible and going against the ways of society. Hester and Pearl were outcasts because of their lifestyle; however, Hester was made a stronger woman as a result of this treatment. A teen could realize that she would have to mature and learn to handle the way the public would react.

This novel proves that a child raised in a broken home can still be successful. Statistics prove that most teens that raise their child have unsteady households. Hester brought up Pearl the best that she could. Although there were stages in her life that were complicated, Pearl resulted into an admirable woman. A child brought up by a teen could also seem as a burden; nevertheless, the child could become very successful. “…Pearl was not only alive, but married, and happy, and mindful of her mother…” [sl24.html#g09] Pearl had a strong mind and learned many lessons of life that lead to her maturity. Even if a child had to grow up slightly faster than her peers, she could prove to be a leader or a great person with a compassionate heart. The novel The Scarlet Letter should be read by any teenage parent. She could learn valuable lessons of life. Being a single parent, judged by society, and eventually successful could apply in a teen mother’s life. The novel was efficient for a teenager to read because it greatly related to topics that a mother would face. ID Number: 1987002